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Pet Supplies
and Pet Foods

Quality Pet Supplies.    
Southern Pet Supply, Inc. offers quality pet supplies and foods
 to pet stores, feed stores, and breeders. Our company understands
 that by supplying you with quality pet products, your customers will be
 satisfied and your store will be able to thrive. Because we care about
 quality, we offer only name brand products made by reputable
companies committed to high standards, research, and development
 of new pet products.

Pet Supplies and Products:

Sleek&Sassy™ (PDF) ZuPreem™(PDF) Pretty Bird™
• Topper • Nekton • Lixit Bottles™
Pet Butler
• Natra Pet Bird Baths™ • Scheer Poop-Off
Lake's Lacto Plus
• Camicide • Bird Park Essentials
Bulk Millet
• Bulk Cuttlebones Bulk Seeds Instant Ounces
 Petamine Shavings & Bedding Toys
 Wrought Iron Cages • Sm-Med-Lg Cages • Playstands  

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Save Money

 At Southern Pet Supply, we pride ourselves on our great pricing and our ability to quickly and easily expedite your order anywhere in the country. Let us help you give your customers the gift of high-quality pet products—contact us today!


All kinds of animal supplies.

Caution! Buying from Southern Pet Supply Inc.
 May Save You Money!

Hours of Operation:
9:00 a.m.–4:00 p.m.

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  Please call us to order your supplies.

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